Monday, October 16, 2006

Annotated Bibliography.

Actually I think making a bibliography is really difficult for me to do! (sigh)
However, I've finised it at last..............(I even don't know how I finished it= =)
At first, I think this topic (drama) is very easy for me to do...although I have interests in it.
After I looked for the information, I started to realize I really have to work on it or I will fail!!!
There are too many information but too wide and general. I really have to narrow down the
infor. in order to get wut I want.

God.....it seems a long way to go...

(I will post my bibliography in my writely blog)


Blogger Research Writing said...

This is just to remind you that your assignment is to prepare an annotated bibliography of your references. You're half way there. Please make the necessary updates/changes before I start grading your work.

8:01 AM  

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