Friday, May 11, 2007

My finished paper!!

Finally........I finished my paperT_______T
Thank god!!!
I thought that I can't finish it on time, but I did.
Now I think I have more time to revise it~~~~

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Topic Outline...

Hahaha~~finally I finished my Outline!!!
but I am not sure if it's the right format or not.
'cause I've checked out aiden's blog and other classmates' blogs,
I found out I couldn't understand it (....)
Hople sbd. will read my outline and give me advises!!!Plz!!

Topic Outline: TV Drama Fever among College Students

I. Introduction
Study how TV drama influences people in daily life. Give examples of dramas that are playing or have played in Taiwan and analyze how those dramas attract students.

A. Study background of Taiwan Idol series drama
1. 流星花園 (Meteor Garden)
2. 白色巨塔 (The White Hospital)
3. 微笑Pasta (Smiling Pasta)
B. Study background of Japanese Trendy drama
1. 英雄 (Hero)
2. 熟女真命苦 (Anego)
3. 東大特訓班 (Dragon Sakura)
C. Study background of Korean TV drama
1. 1%的可能性 (1%)
2. 我叫金三順( My lovely Samsung)
3. 宮 (Palace)

II. What is TV drama?
A. Meaning of TV drama
B. Origin of TV drama
C. Types of TV drama
1. Taiwan Idol series drama
1.1 Features
1.2 Trend of plot of a play
1.3 Examples of TV drama
2. Japanese Trendy drama
2.1 Features
2.2 Trend of plot of a play
2.3 Examples of TV drama
3. Korean TV drama
3.1 Features
3.2 Trend of plot of a play
3.3 Examples of TV drama

III. Impact of TV drama on daily life
A. Attitude toward life
B. Perspective of love
C. Social Values
D. Inspirations
E. Appearance Influence

IV. Conclusion
TV drama is a very important element in people’s daily life. People get inspired and cheered from those dramas. Furthermore, some human behaviors are influenced by TV dramas greatly as well. TV drama is not only drama but also a connection with psychological part of human beings.

Monday, October 23, 2006

About my proposal....

Jesus Christ!!!
Why I didn't know today is the deadline for me to hand out the "whole" proposal???
I was so astonished....oh my good!!!

I know it's no use to complain.....but I really need to say sth. out!!
Just go back and work on my computer....(sigh...)

Fortunately, there are only few pages to be done!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

My annotated bibliography (correct)

Annotated Bibliography

The E-Government Entry Point of Taiwan, “Drama” Gio, March 28th, 2004
This is website is about traditional dramas in Taiwan. The article leads us to understand the basic elements in Taiwanese dramas, and get a clear picture of how Taiwanese dramas developed in the past.

“Taiwan Trendy Drama Lavender: A construction and Representation of Myth about Love” Ting Huei Chao, 2005
This is a paper research written by a university professor. In the paper research, the author study about how trendy dramas can be popular in Taiwan and how those dramas construct the love views among young generation. Furthermore, the research also studied how those trendy dramas connected with social culture and values.

E-News, “Newly Constructed Trendy Dramas is Taking New Lead” Shin Ju Wang, 2005
The news talks about how traditional dramas were adapted and being popular among young generation. However, those dramas are too overabundant. It causes the bad and coarse quality.

Koreanfilm, “Korean TV Dramas” June 10, 2006
The website introduces the dramas which have broadcasted in Korea. From the first drama in 1995 to the latest one2006, the website gives the information and main ideas of the story. It provides further information to understand

Shanghaiist, “Korean TV drama rocks the Chinese world” Peijin Chen, September 13, 2005
This is an online article which introduced about some famous Korean dramas. The author described why those dramas can be successful among young generation.

Tseng, Wei Yu. "Loving Dramas." Taipei: Cheng Txon, 2002.
The author interprets some life truths by giving Japanese drama characters as an example. The author also analyzes some values, like happiness, miracle and honesty, edc.

Ko, Shan Shan. "Japan, So Desu." Taipei: Shang Chi, 2005
The author shares her own experience and point of view of Japan. She leads us to understand Japan’s tradition by taking Japanese dramas as examples.

Wispa, "5 Ways for Looking For Happiness." Taipei: Yehzi, 2005
There are many unfinished regrets or disappointments. The author tells us how to find our happiness by taking those Japan’s drama as examples. The book also shows how modern people rely on those dramas.

Liu, Yin Ing, "Loving Korean Dramas." Taipei: Top Publisher, 2002
In this book, you can know how Korean dramas develop and influence audience. Some reflections and realizations are also put in this book. It’s really a good guideline for understanding Korean dramas.

Huang, I Lang, "Fun with Korean Drama." Taipei: City Publisher, 2002
This book is actually a guideline for Korean drama fan to understand Korean dramas furthermore. It includes many famous dramas, like “Fire”. The author analyzes the story and the personality of characters in those dramas. It also introduces some famous hot spots which have appeared in those drams.

Preliminary Outline (revised)

TV Drama Fever among College Students

I. Introduction
Study how TV drama influences people in and psychological part. The main study group will focus on college students in Wenzao.

II. What is TV drama?
A. Meaning
B. Origin
C. Types of TV drama
1. Taiwan TV drama
1.1 Features
1.2 Trend of plot of a play
1.3 Examples of TV drama
2. Japan TV drama
2.1 Features
2.2 Trend of plot of a play
2.3 Examples of TV drama
3. Korean TV drama
3.1 Features
3.2 Trend of plot of a play
3.3 Examples of TV drama

III. Impact of TV drama
A. Attitude toward life
B. Perspective of love
C. Social Values
D. Appearance Influence

IV. Conclusion

My statement (revised)

TV Drama Fever among College Students

In this modern society, TV has become the most important element of daily life. Most people release their stress from watching TV. Recent years, a series of TV dramas is performing on TV one after another. From Japanese drama to Korean drama, it has become a fever among students and housewives. It seems people get some comfort and unachievable dreams from watching those dramas. Why could those TV dramas be so popular? How do TV dramas affect people’s perspective and values? This will be a very controversial subject. In the research paper, certain subjects, like attitude toward life and perspective of love, will be discussed. Consequently, the discussion and research scope will be base on the psychological part, and the main study group will focus on college students in Wenzao.

My proposal.

Oh my god........., I am gonna laugh happily.
Today when I was typing my proposal, I felt my writing was going smoothly!!
I finished it within one hour. That's was to my surprise. Anyway, I am so happy I've finished it. I am also satisfied with my propsal.
After doing the proposal, I also do a little bit change in my previous writings, and I'll post it both in Writely and blog.

Here is my proposal:

Proposal: Trendy TV Drama Fever among College Students

In recent years, TV drama has become a trend among students, and even housewives. The word “trendy drama” originated from Japan, and the first TV drama was introduced into Taiwan from Japan. Since that, TV drama has become popular in Taiwan. Therefore, people called this kind of drama “Trendy Drama(趨勢劇).” “Trendy Drama” usually presents how people deal with life, love, frustration and difficulties in daily life. Characters in a drama also meet the same situation as other people in the real world. The story and characters will usually correspond with people in the real world. People will feel the same feeling with them and even be inspired from the story or characters. Accompany with this trend of trendy drama, not only Japanese drama but also Korean drama was introduced from Korea. In Taiwan, there is also so-called trendy drama. Instead of trendy drama, people in Taiwan called it “Idol Series Drama(偶像劇).” In idol series drama, the characters in the play are usually played by popular idols in order to attract more young generation to watch. These years, Japanese drama, Korean drama and Taiwanese drama are three main drama streams in Taiwan. In the research, I want to do the research about how those dramas influence people’s in psychological part, like values, viewpoint of love, and attitude toward life, etc. I will also analyze the difference in features and way of performing among Japanese drama, Korean drama and Taiwanese. My main study group will focus on the college studens in Wenzao.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Annotated Bibliography.

Actually I think making a bibliography is really difficult for me to do! (sigh)
However, I've finised it at last..............(I even don't know how I finished it= =)
At first, I think this topic (drama) is very easy for me to do...although I have interests in it.
After I looked for the information, I started to realize I really have to work on it or I will fail!!!
There are too many information but too wide and general. I really have to narrow down the
infor. in order to get wut I want.

God.....it seems a long way to go...

(I will post my bibliography in my writely blog)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My resources

Although we got a couple days off, I still can't feel relieved about my research. Fortunately, I've found some sorces on the Internet weeks ago. I started from searching Japanese, Korean and Taiwan dramas. Thk God!!! There are a lot of information abt them. I am so happy!! It seems the start will be much smoother.

I'll just post some related sites:
Inf. abt Taiwan drama-

Other people's research-

Inf. abt Japanese drama-

Inf. abt Korean drama-

I've finished my preliminary outline. It's just a draft, and I'll post it on Writely.
Hope sb. will read it and give me some comments.

Hope me have a good luck on doing research!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My paper research

oh.......Gee. This is gonna be the first day for me to find my paper resources.
It feels like a long way to go..........
Since TV drama has influenced me so much, I think I am going to do some research abt it.
However, thinking out my Qs is the first step of all. Ideas are spinning around my brain, and I can't even think out a proper Q. Gosh......come somebody to help me.

Luckily, I've found some related resources on the Internet.
Here's some links about the information(I'll jus post some):