Sunday, October 22, 2006

My proposal.

Oh my god........., I am gonna laugh happily.
Today when I was typing my proposal, I felt my writing was going smoothly!!
I finished it within one hour. That's was to my surprise. Anyway, I am so happy I've finished it. I am also satisfied with my propsal.
After doing the proposal, I also do a little bit change in my previous writings, and I'll post it both in Writely and blog.

Here is my proposal:

Proposal: Trendy TV Drama Fever among College Students

In recent years, TV drama has become a trend among students, and even housewives. The word “trendy drama” originated from Japan, and the first TV drama was introduced into Taiwan from Japan. Since that, TV drama has become popular in Taiwan. Therefore, people called this kind of drama “Trendy Drama(趨勢劇).” “Trendy Drama” usually presents how people deal with life, love, frustration and difficulties in daily life. Characters in a drama also meet the same situation as other people in the real world. The story and characters will usually correspond with people in the real world. People will feel the same feeling with them and even be inspired from the story or characters. Accompany with this trend of trendy drama, not only Japanese drama but also Korean drama was introduced from Korea. In Taiwan, there is also so-called trendy drama. Instead of trendy drama, people in Taiwan called it “Idol Series Drama(偶像劇).” In idol series drama, the characters in the play are usually played by popular idols in order to attract more young generation to watch. These years, Japanese drama, Korean drama and Taiwanese drama are three main drama streams in Taiwan. In the research, I want to do the research about how those dramas influence people’s in psychological part, like values, viewpoint of love, and attitude toward life, etc. I will also analyze the difference in features and way of performing among Japanese drama, Korean drama and Taiwanese. My main study group will focus on the college studens in Wenzao.


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