Sunday, October 29, 2006

Topic Outline...

Hahaha~~finally I finished my Outline!!!
but I am not sure if it's the right format or not.
'cause I've checked out aiden's blog and other classmates' blogs,
I found out I couldn't understand it (....)
Hople sbd. will read my outline and give me advises!!!Plz!!

Topic Outline: TV Drama Fever among College Students

I. Introduction
Study how TV drama influences people in daily life. Give examples of dramas that are playing or have played in Taiwan and analyze how those dramas attract students.

A. Study background of Taiwan Idol series drama
1. 流星花園 (Meteor Garden)
2. 白色巨塔 (The White Hospital)
3. 微笑Pasta (Smiling Pasta)
B. Study background of Japanese Trendy drama
1. 英雄 (Hero)
2. 熟女真命苦 (Anego)
3. 東大特訓班 (Dragon Sakura)
C. Study background of Korean TV drama
1. 1%的可能性 (1%)
2. 我叫金三順( My lovely Samsung)
3. 宮 (Palace)

II. What is TV drama?
A. Meaning of TV drama
B. Origin of TV drama
C. Types of TV drama
1. Taiwan Idol series drama
1.1 Features
1.2 Trend of plot of a play
1.3 Examples of TV drama
2. Japanese Trendy drama
2.1 Features
2.2 Trend of plot of a play
2.3 Examples of TV drama
3. Korean TV drama
3.1 Features
3.2 Trend of plot of a play
3.3 Examples of TV drama

III. Impact of TV drama on daily life
A. Attitude toward life
B. Perspective of love
C. Social Values
D. Inspirations
E. Appearance Influence

IV. Conclusion
TV drama is a very important element in people’s daily life. People get inspired and cheered from those dramas. Furthermore, some human behaviors are influenced by TV dramas greatly as well. TV drama is not only drama but also a connection with psychological part of human beings.


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Your topic really attract me. I look forward your paper! :)

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I hope I can do it well!!

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